Why Are Their So Many Universal Life Churches?

Did you know there is many 100’s of Universal Life Churches in the USA alone and most are independent and are not viewed as Charter Churches of any other ULC?
If you define size by followers or parishoners as most do, we are by far the largest. I’m not talking about the number of individuals ordained. Ordained Ministers are not parishoners or members, they are rather memebers of the clergy.
Church Members and Memebers are two very different things, a member of a Church is not an ordained Minister, anymore than a memeber is part of the Churches membership.
Ordained Ministers are MEMEBERS of the clergy who serve MEMBERS of the congregation.
Memebers = Clergy & Members = Congregation
The reason there are so many ULC’s it is simple, most Ministers desire to be FAITH BASED rather than just ordained as NON-FAITH BASED to serve as Wedding Ministers. With respect to FAITH-BASED CHURCHES there are many, because there’s many different faiths.
FAITH BASED MINISTERS ARE FULL SERVICE MINISTERS – Not only can they perform as Wedding Ministers, but they possess full authority within their faith and they are viewed by members within their faith as real ministers or shall I say memebers of their respective faith’s clergy.
NON-FAITH BASED (Interfaith) MINISTERS ARE SIMPLY WEDDING MINISTERS – No matter how much they know about any one faith or multiple faiths, they are not ordained within the faith and knowledge past, present or future alone will not ever change that, only a REAL FAITH-BASED ORDINATION can.
Examples of FAITH-BASED Universal Life Churches who ordain real Faith-Based Ministers are the Universal Life Church and Christian Academy, the Universal Life Church Wiccan Sanctuary in Baltimore, the Universal Life Church of Paganism in Pittsburgh and etc.
Examples of NON-FAITH BASED ULC’s are the Universal Life Church in Modesto, the ULC Monastery, Inc. in Tucson, AZ., the Ministry Supply Storehouse which is known as the ULC Monastery Storehouse in Seattle and there are a few others. But most Universal Life Churches are faith based and one thing worth mentioning is do not confuse the Storehouse in Seattle with the real ULC Monastery in Tucson. The real ULC Monastery has always been in Tucson and they do not view the Storehouse ordinations in Seattle as valid.
So there you have it. It is no big thing. We’re not in competition with the ULC in Baltimore or Pittsburgh, we respect their right to their belief and we applaud them for the service they provide to their parishoners or members.
With Modesto, Tucson or Seattle, personally I do not agree with them ordaining followers of satan or atheists. But at the same token I respect their Ministers and their desires to serve as Wedding Ministers. Even though they advertise Baptisms and Funerals as other services their Ministers can offer, you do not need to be ordained to officiate baptisms or funerals.

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